Soul'y Raw Product Questions

What is included in Soul'y raw blends?

    All Soul'y raw blends come standard with a ratio of 80% muscle meat, 10% finely ground bone, and 10% organs (5% liver & 5% kidney or gizzard). All Soul'y Raw blends also include ocean caught Sardines and mackerel to provide a whole food source of the omegas dogs and cats need. 

     We choose to use only the best ingredients in all our SOul'y Raw Products, we source locally when possible, and offer choices that include organic, grass fed, and free-range proteins.  



    Custom order requests can be accommodated, when possible, with a minimum order requirement.

How long do Soul'y Raw Products stay good for?

    We recommend treating Soul'y Raw blends the same way you would treat meat for your own consumption. Generally speaking, properly stored raw blends, bones, chews, etc. will last roughly 7 days in the refrigerator and up to 1 year in the freezer. Soul'y Raw Air Dried treats will retain their freshness for up to 1 year, please reference the date marked on your treat packaging.

Why aren't Fruits and Veggies

included in the standard Soul'y raw blends?

    because a large number of customers come to us with pets who have various food allergies,  we made the choice to omit fruits and veggies from our standard Soul'y Raw blends. This leaves the option open for pet parents to decide if they would like to add season fruits or veggies or leave the blend as is. 

    Custom creations can be made and we do have customers who prefer to have fruits & veggies added.

Whenever possible, we are happy to accommodate special requests (with a minimum purchase amount).

Why choose to Air-Dry Soul'y Raw treats?

     The process of air-drying meat goes back centuries. By Using ambient air-temperature only, we are able to create a shelf stable, all natural treat that retains all of the nutritional qualities from the protein in it's raw state- free of any additives, fillers or preservatives.

how is Air-Drying different from Dehydrating?

    Air-Drying is often times confused with dehydrating, which involves cooking at a low heat temperature. While somewhat similar, the benefit of air-drying is that, because the meat is not heated or cooked in any way, the air dried treat still retains the optimal nutrition and bio-availability of the protein as it was in it's raw state.

Are Soul'y raw blends considered

100% Complete & Balanced?

     Soul'y Raw blends are designed to provide all the nutrients dogs and cats need in one easy to serve container. That being said, the claim of "100% complete and balanced", as related to pet food, is a standard determined by AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials), a non-government organization, which establishes suggested standards for Feed grade dry matter pet foods. 

     In order to be considered 100% complete and balanced by AAFCO standards, adult dog food must only contain a minimum of 18% protein and 5% fat. Adult Cat food must contain a minimum of 26% protein and 5% fat. There is no guarantee as to the quality or actual quantity of edible meat within the food. Because of this, we have chosen not follow AAFCo standards.

    Here at Soul'y Raw we use only Human food grade meat, from the same suppliers used by many local restaurants. 90% of every Soul'y Raw blend is high quality meat and organs (with the other 10% being ground bone). 


 For more information on AAFCO standards please

check out this article, written by Mrs, SusaN Thixton- creator of The TRuth About Pet FOod.