Raw Pet Food Guide

Benefits of a Raw Diet

  • Firmer, smaller, less smelly stools
  • Fresh breath and clean, healthy teeth and gums
  • More energy and stamina
  • Shinier, healthier skin and coat
  • Reduction of skin allergies, fleas, and food allergies
  • Better digestion
  • Reduction in flatulence (gas)
  • Improved weight control
  • Less shedding
  • Deduced or eliminated need for veterinary dental work
  • Decrease in abnormal hyperactivity
  • Reduced visits to the veterinarian, due to an overall healthier pet
  • Increase in energy and mobility in older or less active dogs
  • Less wax build-up in ears

Our Secret Ingredient

The "secret" ingredient to our Original Beef Blend: USDA Inspected and Approved Beef.

Our Pure Protein 100% Air Dried meat treats are for both dogs and cats. We use our own process to slowly air dry the treats to ensure we do not compromise the nutritional value of the Certified Organic and USDA Inspected and Approved ingredients.

Zero additives, chemicals, fillers, preservatives and GMOs in our dog and cat treats. These are the safest and healthiest treats on the market to add as a reward or training treat to your pet's diet. Our recipes are handmade daily, in small batches, to ensure even distribution of all our ingredients within each serving.

Designed to Boost a Pet’s Immune System

One of the only completely raw diets developed specifically to enrich and strengthen your pet’s immune system. We provide the highest quality human grade ingredients, and combine them together with raw bone and marrow.

One container has all the essential components of a balanced diet, vital to your pet's health and welfare. We are dedicated to pets and pet owners everywhere who want the best available pet food, period.

Since our ingredients are never altered from their natural state, our food is easier for a pet's system to assimilate and utilize all the nutrients vital to their health and welfare.

Our bone is pressed through our patented bone crusher that grinds beef bone and marrow into a consistency easily digested by your pets. The bone crusher technology was designed and created by SOUL'Y RAW, and ensures the size and way bone is served; specifically to increase digestibility for your pets.

We offer a variety of packaging to suit your household and pet's individual preferences and needs. Personal home pet consultations are available upon request, and include up to a week's variety of SOUL'Y RAW food, with each home visit.

Our ingredients are purchased locally from well established, highly reputable Restaurant supply companies as well as local ranches when possible. Our customers have raved at how their pets thoroughly enjoy eating our variety of fresh blends and are generally less agitated and happier at feeding time.

Our pets have also been tested to ensure they are actually absorbing and synthesizing all of the daily dietary vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, protein, fat quotas, Omega 3s and 6s (EFAs) from their SOUL'Y RAW diet.

We especially wanted to examine the Taurine levels for our feline friends and the tests proved our food was successful in exceeding their daily requirements of this crucial amino acid. Taurine is naturally occurring in raw meat and therefore we maintain our food standard of zero additives.

We have developed our products to provide a completely RAW diet that exceeds the daily nutritional requirements as set forth by AAFCO standard.

Benefits of the SOUL'Y RAW Diet

SOUL'Y RAW is proven to reduce skin allergies, hot spots, excessive shedding, skin irritation and both chronic skin and ear infections. Raw diets provide extraordinary nutrition and you will feed your pet less food than a commercial diet. Their systems can assimilate all of the ingredients in a raw diet, and therefore do not require as much food.

Grains, glutens, wheat, fillers, corn and preservatives will never be added to our blends. SOUL'Y RAW is proud to be chemical, toxin and additive free.

Small and firm stool with less odor in both cats and dogs. It typically changes into white powder after a day or two, and that makes clean up easier. The change in your pet's stool will also naturally express your dog's anal glands.

Feeding a high quality raw food that derives the majority of its protein from muscle and organ meat as causes the body to utilize more of the protein and produce, and less waste and nitrogen. The reduction in nitrogen helps keep your lawn green all year round. No more brown spots on your lawn and grass!

Our food is made from restaurant grade USDA/FDA approved ingredients--and we make it fresh daily. In addition, our food is made of 95% muscle meat, fat and crushed bone and marrow. 5% is comprised of antioxidant rich vegetables and fruit to increase the Vitamin quotient required to keep your pet at their optimum health.

Stronger immune system equates to reduced health issues and less money spent on your pet's medical care. Teeth and gums are clean and healthy and in most cases do not require any medical cleaning or maintenance brushing.

Raw meaty bones are a key component in a raw diet, and we offer all sizes for small, medium and large breeds. Gastrointestinal and anxiety disorders are reduced as your pet is eating a complete diet, and not processed or altered in any way from its natural state.

Another benefit from a healthy immune system is flea control; we enjoy a flea free home year-round without the use of any flea remedies or Veterinary assistance.