Charlie's SOul'y RAw Story

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Charlie The French Bulldog (@charlie_camprunamuttsm) • Instagram photos and videos.clipular.png

   Hi, I'm Charlie- a 12 Year old French Bulldog with rear paralysis. I was literally days away from a scheduled euthanasia when my forever family saved me. Even though I had adapted to my situation the best I could, my first family just didn't feel my quality of life could get any better.

But Boy, were they wrong!

    After hearing about my date with the doctor, Lloyd & Sabrina Reid (Owners of Camp Run-A-Mutt SAn MArcos) decided not to let me go with a fight. They asked to take me in and my first family agreed. Lloyd & Sabrina were already feeding their 3 dogs the SOul'y Raw diet so they had seen the kind of difference it could make but, as they put it, "there was no way to predict the huge change it made for Charlie".

   They ordered a special wheelchair to help me get around but,

    Within 5 days of starting my new SOul'y Raw diet,

I started walking again!

   Now, 6 months later, I'm even able to go to the park to chase the ball with my family & I've never looked back. My family says I continue to amaze them every day with the progress I'm making! (It should also be noted that while I was intended to stay a "Camp Dog", I quickly became a full time member of the Reid household- Who were they kidding, I think we all saw that one coming!)

Because of Charlie's frenchie breed, he is predisposed to skin allergies. To prevent this, we keep him on cooling protein blends like rabbit, pork, & quail.