Soul'y Raw was created with a singular goal in mind-
to create a line of nutritious products that pet parents can truly trust.

we hand craft each & every one of our products
because we believe that quality matters.

From grass-fed to free range to ocean sourced,
we choose to use only the best cuts of meat
from suppliers we've done our research on.

always Human Food Quality & processed in a USDA approved butchery.

Please Note:

Because We Overnight All Our Raw Blends, Bones & Other Frozen Products- Shipping Is Only Available To The Following States:

NM, OR, & ID.

Air- dried Treats ship nationwide

Our Products

   Here at Soul'y Raw our philosophy is simple- Pets, just like humans, thrive on a diet composed of nutritious whole food sources.

From Free range to grass fed to ocean sourced- We've dedicated Soul'y Raw to providing the best possible ingredients while making it easy for raw feeding pet parents to portion & feed.

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Our Promise

It takes a small village to hand craft all of our products and we're hard at work 6 days a week to ensure you get the freshest food as quickly as possible!

LEarn more about where we purchase our ingredients, how we make our products, & what makes SOul'y Raw STand Out.

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Our Pack

We believe nutrition has the power truly make a difference in quality of life and we’ve seen some amazing transformations in our 10+ years feeding pets.

Meet some of our Soul'y Raw Storytellers and learn why they made the SOul'y Switch!