Kenzie's Soul'y Raw Story

Kenzie Loves

     Hi, I'm Kenzie! I'm 7 years old and last year I just wasn't feeling so hot. I was too tired to play or swim in my pool & I was losing weight at a rate that had everyone pretty worried. 

My mom took me to the vet & they figured out I was extremely deficient on Cobalamin.


Do you know what that is? Because I sure didn't!


Basically my body wasn't absorbing conalamin (B12) the way it should, which is mostly through food. I started getting weekly B12 shots, but my mom & my vet knew that wasn't enough for a long term solution.

Then we found Soul'y Raw.

After figuring out what proteins I was allergic to (which was quite a few!), Auntie Lisa made me a personalized list of blends to pick from &, a year later, I have never felt better!

No More weekly b12 shots for me!