We believe nutrition has the power to change lives. 

Forget powdered supplements &

artificial ingredients-

everything pets need to truly thrive can be found

right there on the Butcher's Block. 


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Bone Broth

Offered in 8 delicious proteins and 3 convenient sizes,

our slow cooked Bone Broth is a hit with dogs & cats of all ages!

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Raw Meaty Bones

Like a stiff drink at Happy Hour, find out why Raw Meaty Bones are the best way for dogs & cats to relax & unwind

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Air-Dried Treats

Completely Raw & shelf stable for up to 1 year, Soul'y Raw Air-Dried treats offer all the nutritional benefits of raw in a way that easy to take on the go!

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Raw Goat's Milk

Locally sourced from a family farm, this Nubian Goat's milk is an absolute treat!

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Ocean Sourced Omegas


We're all about food based nutritional supplements,

 find out why fish is one of our favorites!

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Green Lipped Mussels


A powerhouse of joint health, these tiny treats pack a powerful punch!