Raw Feeding For Cats


Obligate Carnivore (noun) -

Any animal that exclusively subsists on a diet consisting mainly of meat and does not possess the physiology to digest vegetable matter.

Benefits of Raw For Cats-

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Because cats do not drink water regularly (like dogs), it's vital to provide moisture in their diet. 

THis is why feeding cats dry food is so detrimental to their kidneys.

dry diet is the most common trigger for Kidney Disease, renal failure, and chronic urinary tract infections in cats.

Cat's bodies are not designed to digest carbohydrates.

. Cats are built to be sleak, stealthy, agile hunters- but nobody wants to exercise after eating a big bowl of carby junk food! Feeding a carb heavy (dry) diet infuses a cat's body with unnecessary sugars - which can lead to obesity and diabetes.

 Feeding cats a raw diet not only allows pet parents to better control portion sizes, but also provides an overall higher level of nutrition. 

Picking the right blends.


All our Soul'y Raw Blends are ready to be devoured by cats & designed to meet their nutritional needs as obligate carnivores. 

With a variety of proteins to choose from, Soul'y raw blends are Easy to portion, easy to serve. & easy to please even the pickiest of cats.

Let's Talk Taurine

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Taurine is an amino acid that plays an essential dietary role for cats.

Because Taurine is naturally abundant in raw muscle meats and organs, all of our Soul'y Raw blends provide 100% of your cat's daily nutritional requirement.

There is no need to add any additional tarune to supplement their diet. 

Transitioning your cat to raw

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When transitioning from a kibble based diet, serving raw blends at Room temperature rather than straight from the refrigerator can help to entice a warmer reception. But it's important to remember cats are  fickle creatures by nature, so Some May not show their enthusiasm right away and that's ok. Give them just a tiny bit to begin with- offer their first tastes of raw like it's a special treat rather than an entire meal.

Cats also tend to enjoy variety-

they may love a protein for a meal or two and then suddenly refuse to eat it.

Our 16 oz size allows pet parents the flexibility to rotate their protein servings often. 

Have questions about feeding your cat a raw diet?