Benefits Of Fish Derived Omega-3'S For Dogs With Arthritis

The Ravages Of Time Spare No Man- And Unfortunately No Dog Either. As We Both Age, Doctors And Vets Alike Recommend An Increased Daily Dose Of Omega-3’S, but how it’s being taken can be just as important as how much. Research has shown that Omega-3’s from a fish based source can have added benefits above and beyond those of a flax oil base.  

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Lisa Ayotte
How much are you feeding?

It’s important to recognize that dry food is far less nutrient dense and also highly processed- meaning pets need to eat more while ultimately still digesting less. Raw food contains a much higher level of nutrient bioavailability, so each and every single bite provides a valuable source of the protein, calcium, and nutrients pets need in order to thrive. This means their portion sizes should be adjusted accordingly to avoid over eating.

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