The Secret's Out: Why you NEED to Feed Your Dog A Raw Food Diet

We know the large majority of our viewer base already understands the logic behind feeding pets a raw diet, but we also know that most of us LOVE to share this understanding with non-raw feeders.

Getting the point across can be difficult at times and you almost wish you could just say -”Here, go read this information and THEN we’ll talk!”.

Well, now you can! Our wonderful friend, Amy Marshall, owner of Primal Pooch has beautifully written and researched a complete introduction for beginners when it comes to raw feeding.

In her new book,

The Secret’s Out:

Why You Need To Feed Your Dog A Raw Food Diet -

A Complete Introduction For Beginners,

Amy covers absolutely everything a new raw feeder needs to know - from the why, to the what, to the how.

Pick up your copy on Amazon today!

Available in Kindle and Hard Copy

Lisa Ayotte