Organs Only Blend

Organs Only Blend

from 7.25 every month

A 16 oz blend of

1/3 Heart

1/3 Kidney Or Gizzards

1/3 Liver.

Yes, heart is not technically fed as an organ meat
(it’s considered to be muscle)
BUT standard organ meats on their own tend to get a little….soupy,
so we use heart to improve the consistency and make it easier to serve.

Chicken Organ Blend Ingredients-

Chicken Hearts, Chicken Gizzards, Chicken Livers

Turkey Organ Blend Ingredients-

Turkey Hearts, Turkey Gizzards, Turkey Livers

Pork Organ Blend Ingredients-

Pork Hearts, Pork Kidneys, Pork Livers

Grass-Fed & Finished Beef Organ Blend Ingredients-

GF&F Beef Hearts, GF&F Beef Kidneys, GF&F Beef Livers

Lamb Organ Blend Ingredients

Lamb hearts, Lamb Kidneys, Lamb Livers

Duck Organ Blend Ingredients

Duck Hearts, Duck Gizzards, Duck Livers.

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