The Head To Tail Trans-FUR-mation Project

WE know how hard it can be Watching your pet suffer from skin issues.

Between vet visits, medications, ointments, changes in diet, and every holistic option you can find- the process to find relief can seem never ending.

And We’ve seen firsthand the difference a raw diet can make for pets and their skin- In fact, Soul’y Raw was born out of love for one very special English bulldog with a whole mess of allergies & skin issues.

we also know that quality pet skincare products are hard to find - SO when we come across something that truly works - and works quickly - we feel it’s our obligation to our community to scream it’s praises from the mountain tops!

recently we were introduced to an amazing new line of skincare products for pets that We’ve been trying out with a small group of clients experiencing moderate to severe skin issues - and we’re extremely excited with the results.


That being said,

we’d like to put our new protocol to the test!


The Soul’y Raw
“Head To Tail”

We are looking to make a life changing difference for a dog in need-

through quality nutrition and Neugier skin care products.

What We’re Offering

  • A private 1-on-1 session with LIsa, owner of SOul’y Raw, to discuss your pet’s diet and with Hiromi, owner of CAnine to Five (the official distributor of Neugier products in u.s.A) to discuss your pet’s skincare.

  • 1 month of customized meals - complete with raw blends, bone broth, and any other recommended products - provided free of charge courtesy of SOul’y Raw.

  • A 1 month’s supply of Neugier skin care products, customized to your pet’s individual skincare needs- provided free of charge courtesy of Canine to Five.

What we’ll require

  • During this 1 month transformation, your dog may only eat SOul’y Raw Products and you must use only The provided Neugier products exactly as prescribed.

  • we’ll need a short email overview of your pet’s skin condition both before and after the 1 month process.

  • Photos must be taken daily with the date recorded for the entire 1 month period.

  • Your Permission to post about your pet & their skincare journey on our website, social media, & for use in related future marketing materials.

SO Who qualifies as a candidate?

We are looking for-

  • a dog who is currently experiencing extreme, cronic skin issues.

  • with an owner who is willing to commit to 1 month of our diet and skin care regmen while documenting the process - before, daily during the TransFURmation, and after - both in photos and in writing.

  • Must be within our shipping radius of the following states - CA, UT, AZ, NV, WA, NM, OR, & ID.

PLease NOte - As much as we want to help heal every pet that comes our way,

we need to keep this initial trial limited to a manageable number of participants.

Not all who apply will be accepted to the project.

If you would like to try A “Head To Tail” Trans-FUR-Mation on your own,

we offer customized consultations for diet plans and CaNine To Five ships Neugier products nationwide.