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    Hi, I'm Harli- after deciding to sneak out on a little adventure, I found my way on to a busy road and got hit by a car going about 50 MPH. Lucky for me, the car stopped and rushed me to the nearest emergency veterinary center. My femoral artery was almost completely exposed from the road rash and my hip had been ripped from the socket. I needed two surgeries and a middle of the night emergency femoral head removal to avoid losing my leg.

    Nearly a year after my accident, I still had a pretty serious limp on that injured leg. After doing some research, my Mom came across SOul'y Raw bone broth and we decided to give it a try. And, in her own words, - "One tablespoon of Soul'y RAw small batch bone broth stirred into his meals and his limp is GONE- like 100% improved, jumping onto the bed again, king of the dog park - gone!"